Particularly useful in affections of the nervous system; scrofulous or dropsical affections; complaints from the abuse of Mercury; severe nightly pain in the bones, sometimes with inflammation and ulceration; syphilitic and mercurial affections of the bones.


Bony tumors on the head, arms and legs; dropsical swellings; scrofulous and mercurial glandular affections; eruptions, ulcers and cancerous affections.

Mental Emotions

Fear; insanity; violent anger or dejected spirits and longing for death.

Head And Face

Rush of blood to the head; tumult and roaring in the head, especially of nervous persons; eruptions on the face; swollen and ulcerated lips, especially of tuberculous persons.

Eyes, Ears, And Nose

Scrofulous affections of the eyes; incipient amaurosis; roaring in the ears; fetid discharge from the ears, hardness of hearing, and affections from abuse of Mercury; caries of the nose; swelling, ulceration and soreness of the nose.


Palpitation of the heart; chronic affections of the heart.