Rapid sinking of strength, great prostration and emaciation; spasms; convulsions and epileptic fits; diseases of the mucous membrane; dropsical complaints and scrofulous affections.

Burning, especially in the interior of the affected parts.


Pustules, ulcers, and cancerous affections, accompanied with burning; fetid secretions and tendency to run into mortification, general dropsy.


Great weariness and restlessness, tossing about, or starting as if in affright; burning as if hot water were coursing through the veins.


General coldness, with dryness of the skin or profuse sweat; intermittent fever, the stages flowing imperceptibly into each other, typhoid and putrid fever and other fevers, where there is rapid prostration, dry and burning skin.

Head And Face

Periodical headache, great weight in the head, humming in the ears; beating pain in the head; painful sensitiveness of the scalp; swelling in the head and face, and burning excoriating eruptions with fetid smell; sunken countenance or bloated and puffed face; cancerous affections of the face.

Eyes, Fars, And Nose

Burning sensation in the eyes, and redness and congestion; scrofulous, rheumatic and catarrhal ophthalmia; swelling of the lids, specks and ulcers on the cornea; roaring in the ears; burning in the nose, sometimes with excoriation or ulceration; dryness of the nose, or discharge of an acrid fluid; profuse acrid discharge from the nose, with sneezing; stoppage.

Teeth, Mouth, And Throat

Fetid smell from the mouth, tongue and lips, covered with burning vesicles; burning in the throat.

Stomach And Abdomen

Violent thirst, or absence of thirst; water-brash; nausea and excessive vomiting, sometimes of a chronic character and attended with burning sensation and pain in the stomach; vomiting sometimes of blood or of a blackish substance; stomach painful to the touch, sometimes with burning and of a weight like a stone; great anguish in the stomach; cancer and inflammation of the stomach; dropsy of the abdomen; spasmodic pain in the bowels; burning in the abdomen or cold and chilly sensation; swelling of the abdomen, great anguish and sensitiveness of the touch.


Constipation; or diarrhoea attended with colic; vomiting; straining, the evacuations burning and fetid; bloody evacuations with vomiting and colic.

Genital Organs

Acrid and corrosive leucorrhoea, cancer of the uterus.

Larynx And Chest

Dryness and burning in the larynx; consumption of the trachea; cough, dry, short and hacking; difficult expectoration, sometimes of blood-streaked mucus, with burning in the whole body, or succeeded by nausea; suffocative cough, soreness and bruised sensation in the chest, oppressive and labored breathing, sometimes with debility; asthma; dropsy of the chest; short and anxious breathing.