This is often the result of a want of cleanliness, although it not unfrequently originates from some internal cause.

To produce a cure, often nothing more is required than a tepid bath every day. If, however, the difficulty still continues, Arnica, Nux, Lycopodium or Sulphur may be given, a dose every night, especially where it occurs during summer.

The chafing of bed-ridden patients may be bathed with Arnica, ten drops of which may be dissolved in four tablespoonfuls of water, and applied two or three times a day with a soft cloth.

Where there is a disposition to fester, as is often the case after the slightest injury. A dose of Hepar-s., Silicea, Lachesis, or Sulphur may be given every night.

Chapped hands, (Rhagades) which so often occur on the hands of those who work in water, may be relieved in such cases by Galcarea, Hepar-s., Sulphur or Sepia, taken in the manner indicated above.

When the difficulty manifests itself in the winter, a few doses of Sulphur or Petroleum, given in the same manner will produce relief.


One drop, or twelve globules, in a glass of water, a table-spoonful at a dose. Very great relief is often obtained by bathing the hands with honey-soap, or urine.