This inflammation generally appears on feet and hands, which have been frost-bitten. It is attended with more or less burning and itching, and sometimes ulceration takes place, when the parts are exceedingly troublesome and painful.


Arnica Court Plaster, covering the inflamed surface, often produces prompt relief, and is particularly useful, where the difficulty is caused by pressure or friction; or five or six drops of the tincture may be put in a tablespoonful of water, and the parts bathed with the mixture. If the inflammation be superficial with slight red swelling, burning and itching in the warmth, a few doses of Nux, taken morning and night, will produce relief.

If however the chilblains should be very painful, nit. ac. or Phosphorus may be given in the same manner. Should the parts present a blue-red and swollen appearance, accompanied with severe throbbing pains, Pulsatilla will be indicated, morning, noon, and night, followed, if relief is not obtained after five or six doses, by Belladonna, taken in the same manner.

When the chilblains are blue-red and accompanied with violent itching, Kalicarb., may be given morning and night, and if the itching should be more violent in warmth, Sulphur given in the same manner.

Should blisters form on the inflamed part or ulceration set in, Arsenic or China may be taken morning and . night. The ulceration may be dressed with some mild and soothing application, as, simple cerate or a poultice. In severe cases Petrol., Agar and Carb.-v. may be consulted.


One drop, or eight globules, in a tumbler, a tablespoonful at a dose, or a powder or three globules may be given dry on the tongue. In recent cases bathing the feet with brandy into which has been dropped a few drops of melted tallow, will produce relief.