Tuberculous affections; catarrhal difficulties; weakness from loss of animal fluids; want of vital reaction; chronic diarrhoea; affections of the throat and chest.


Small boils; round herpetic spots over the body; lymphatic abscesses with hectic fever.


Restless, unrefreshing sleep with frightful dreams; stupefying slumber in the morning.


Hectic fever with dry heat, especially towards evening; night sweats; fever, commencing or attended with chilliness.


Various kinds of dizziness; sometimes accompanied with nausea, or violent headache; chronic dizziness. Dull, stupefying headache; sometimes accompanied with numbness. Bruised pain in the brain. Congestion of blood to the head.


Inflammation and redness of the eyes; swelling of the eyelids with agglutination in the morning. Scrofulous or arthritic ophthalmia; blackness or black spots before the eyes. Amaurosis.

Mouth And Throat

Toothache with swelling of the face, also from the least cold; sore pain in the teeth on pressing them together. Inflammation and ulcers on the gums.


Violent eructations, or vomiting of bitter or sour substances; sour regurgitation of food; cramps and griping pain, and contraction in the region of the stomach; the stomach painful to the touch; burning and inflammation in the stomach.


Spasmodic or cutting colic; sore pain in the whole abdomen; flatulent colic.


Paralysis of the intestinal canal; chronic diarrhoea; typhoid diarrhoea.

Larynx And Chest

Violent catarrh; with hoarseness; hoarseness, sometimes with loss of voice; cough with rawness, hoarseness, sore and excoriating pain in the chest; cough with purulent or bloody expectoration. Difficulty of breathing; tension and tightness of the chest; rush of blood to the chest; palpitation of the heart. Phosphorus is an invaluable remedy in chest difficulties, especially where there is soreness in the chest, long-continued cough and danger of tubercular development.

Back And Extremities

Stiffness in the nape of the neck, and paralytic weakness in the small of the back and extremities with tremor; drawing pain and arthritic stiffness of the joints; swelling of the feet.