Boils are characterized by a hard elevation of a round or cone-like form, having an inflamed appearance, attended with pain more or less severe. They are slow in suppurating and discharge, on breaking, pus mixed with blood, and after a little while a core.

There is sometimes a constitutional tendency to this difficulty, but very frequently they appear as critical discharges, particularly after fevers and eruptive diseases, and not unfrequently form the termination of chronic eruption, such as, itch, etc. Derangement of the system from abuse of food and torpidity of the circulation often causes them.


The external application of a bread and milk, flaxseed, or slippery-elm poultice, is not only very soothing but hastens the cure.

Arsenic may be given, a dose morning and evening, but should there be much swelling, and the boil present an inflamed and fiery red appearance, attended with considerable pain, Belladonna may be alternated with Mercury, four or five hours apart.

After matter has formed, which may be indicated by the softness of some portion of the tumor, Hepar-s. may be given every four or five hours until the tumor breaks.

Should the boil assume a malignant character, becoming blue, painful and increasing in size, Lachesis and Arsenic may be alternated four or five hours apart.

The Carbuncle is often exceedingly dangerous, especially when it appears on the head, as it is very liable to run into mortification. It is large in size, presents a hard and livid appearance, is exceedingly painful, and on breaking, instead of presenting a central core like the ordinary boil, discharges an offensive matter mixed with blood, from several openings.

Silicea in the less severe forms of carbuncle, a dose every four or five hours, will generally be alone sufficient; but should it assume a very painful and severe character, Lachesis should be alternated with Arsenic, three or four hours apart. The parts may be frequently bathed with tepid water.

To prevent the return of boils, or to eradicate the affection, Sulphur may be given every second night.


Two drops, or eight globules in a tumbler of water, a tablespoonful at a dose; or a powder, or three globules, dry on the tongue.