Sulphur is an important remedy in the various forms of skin difficulties. Nettle rash with fever; burning and itching eruption; dry and scaly eruptions; scabies; herpetic eruptions; swelling and suppuration of glands; ulcers, chilblains, affections of the bones, etc.


Nightly headache; rush of blood to the head.


Weakness of sight; purulent discharge from the eyes; inflammation of the eyes with burning or bruised pain; inflammation, swelling and ulceration of the lids.


Drawing and lacerating in the ears. Itching and eruption of the ears. Whizzing, humming and roaring in the head.


Inflammation and swelling of the nose; ulcers in the nose; violent coryza; obstruction of the nose.


Swelling and redness of the face; chapped lips; glandular swelling. Eruptions on the face.


Toothache from cold air, also aggravated by warmth; sensation of looseness and elongation of the teeth; swelling of the gums with throbbing pain. Aphthae in the mouth; mercurial affections of the mouth.


Sour eructations and vomiting; pressure in the stomach; cramp-like pain in the stomach.


Painful sensitiveness of the abdomen, as if the parts were raw; colic after eating or drinking; spasmodic contractive colic, relieved by sitting bent.


Constipation, sometimes with piles; hard, knotty, insufficient stools.

Genital Organs

Itching and excoriation of the parts; burning and painful leucorrhoea; violent and long-continued leucorrhoea.


Rough throat and loss of voice; chronic hooping cough; headache or vomiting when coughing; loose or dry cough with soreness in the chest. Chronic cough.


Rattling in the chest; nightly suffocative fit; stitches or contractive pain in the chest; palpitation of the heart; rush of blood to the chest.

Back And Extremities

Curvature of the spine; pain in the small of the back when rising. Drawing and lacerating pain in the limbs; heaviness and weakness of the limbs; trembling of the hands; rheumatic pain in the limbs.