Violent pain of a rheumatic character in the small of the back and loins, either periodical or permanent, and sometimes accompanied with fever. It is frequently produced by cold or strain, and may come on suddenly, without a moment's warning, on suddenly rising from a stooping posture, and cause the most excruciating pain at every attempt to turn, or on the slightest motion. This kind of rheumatic pain often affects the neck, producing what is called kink or crick in the neck.


Aconite is the prominent remedy in the commencement of the disease where considerable fever is present.


Two drops, or twelve globules, in a tumbler of water, a tablespoonful once in two or three hours, or three globules on the tongue at the same intervals. 13*


Severe aching or darting pain in the back, causing the patient to walk in a stooping posture, aggravated by the slightest motion, or a draught of cold air, and sometimes attended with a sensation of chilliness.


Same as Aconite.


Pains of a shooting or dragging character; severe aching, as from a sprain or bruise; sensation of stiffness or tension in the affected part on movement; pain aggravated by rest. A prominent remedy in cases of long standing, and frequently indicated after, or in alternation with Bryonia.


Same as Aconite.


Deep-seated pains, producing a sensation of heaviness, gnawing or stiffness.


Same as Aconite, and frequently in alternation with that remedy.


A valuable remedy in obstinate cases. Pains increased by motion and turning in bed at night, and attended with weakness; pains resembling those produced by a bruise or fatigue; irritable temper and constipation.


A powder, or three globules, once in four or six hours.


Particularly useful in females, or individuals of mild, sensitive, or phlegmatic temperament. Pains resembling those mentioned under the head of Nux) but producing a sensation of constriction in the affected parts.


Same as Aconite, Give once in four or six hours.


Pains resembling those indicating Nux, but aggravated at night.


Same as Nux. Where the affection is of long duration, the above remedies may be given at longer intervals.