During pregnancy, the bowels are very liable to become constipated. As a general thing, the difficulty may be controlled by taking moderate exercise in the open air, and eating freely of brown bread and ripe fruits. Should the constipation still continue, a few doses of the appropriate remedy will produce relief, unless it is occasioned by mechanical obstruction.


Particularly where there are symptoms of derangement of the stomach, headache, and sometimes frequent inclination for stool, without result

Bryonia or Ignatia may follow Nux, or be taken in alternation with it, one in the morning, and the other at night.

Opium, Sulphur, and Lycopodium are also valuable remedies.

For particular indications, see Constipation.


Diarrhoea occasionally occurs during pregnancy, when it should be speedily checked, or the strength may become prostrated, Lycopodium, Sulphur, Nux-v., Dulcamara, and Ipecac. are prominent remedies.

For particular indications, see Diarrhoea.