Hysteric affections, also convulsive or spasmodic disorders, especially when occasioned by fright or grief. Nervous affections of infants. Great excitability of the nervous system; pain from the least touch.


Itching of the skin and great sensitiveness to a draft of air.


Restless sleep with sudden starting, unpleasant dreams, waking with spasmodic yawning.


Headache, increased by stooping, and relieved by lying on the back; aching and cramp-like headache over the root of the nose, or as if something hard were pressed on the brain, recurring in paroxysms; headache as if a nail were driven into the head.


Sensation in the eyes as of sand with inflammation; sensitiveness to light. Scrofulous ophthalmia; convulsive movements of the eyes and eyelids; convulsive face; convulsive twitchings and distortions of the muscles.


Stitches from the throat to the ear; difficulty of swallowing or sensation, as if the food passed over a lump; pain in the throat and in the submaxillary glands.

Stomach And Abdomen

Hiccough after eating or drinking; periodical pains in the stomach, disturbing rest; sensation in the stomach as if from fasting; periodical abdominal spasms, especially in hysteric individuals; flatulent colic particularly at night.


Diarrhoeic stools with colic and rumbling in the abdomen; constipation from cold; itching and soreness of the rectum.

Genital Organs

Derangement of the nervous system, during the menses, the blood being black, and generally coagulated.

Larynx And Chest

Chronic nightly cough; concussive, spasmodic cough, especially on waking; oppression of the chest. Palpitation of the heart, especially at night with stitches.