Convulsions; spasmodic affections and other derangements of the nervous system; sleeplessness, hydrocephalus and other affections of the brain.


Creeping and itching sensation in the skin, redness of the skin and rash from abuse of Belladonna.


Drowsiness; sleeplessness, sometimes with convulsions and concussions, as if occasioned by fright; grasping at flocks; frightful dreams, moaning, grinding of the teeth, and starting from sleep.


Burning heat of the blood.

Moral Symptoms

Fearfulness, violent delirium, stupefaction, loss of sense, alternations of ease and rage, screaming and sleeplessness.


Delirium with muttering, or great excitability; mental derangement of drunkards. Dizziness; inflammation of the brain; hydrocephalus; stupefying headache, especially in the forehead; undulating sensation in the brain, and headache with unnatural heat


Illusions of sight, staring and distorted eyes; eyes red and sparkling; twitching of the lids, sometimes with swelling. Nocturnal blindness and spasmodic closing of the lids.

Mouth and Throat - Lacerating toothache with congestion of blood to the head, sensation as if the teeth where elongated, burning and dryness of the tongue and lips; partial or entire paralysis of the tongue and throat; burning and dryness in the throat with difficulty in swallowing.

Genital Organs

Profuse menstruation of bright, red blood. Puerperal fever.

Larynx And Chest

Dry spasmodic cough, particularly at night, as if occasioned by tickling in the throat, especially when lying down, and attended with redness of the face. Difficulty of breathing; spasms of the chest