This consists of a fine colorless, almost imperceptible eruption under the cuticle, itching excessively, particularly when warm in bed. It may be occasioned by the abuse of fatty food, extremes of heat and cold, and also be developed in connection with other diseases, when it must be treated accordingly.

* See Sulphur-bath in the Index.


Bathing the parts with Alcohol, diluted one-half, will often produce decided relief.

Sulphur may be given, if the itching is severe or worse in the evening, or in bed.

Dose - A powder, or three globules, morning and night.

Ignatia, where the eruption resembles flea-bites, and is relieved by scratching.


Two drops, or six globules, in a tumbler of water, a table-spoonful morning, noon, and night.

Pulsatilla-, when it comes on in bed, and is aggravated by scratching. Dose - Same as Ignatia.

Mercurius, where Pulsatilla seems to be indicated, and yet does not produce relief, and also where the parts bleed easily after scratching.


Same as Sulphur.

Rhus, where the itching is attended by a burning sensation. If after three or four doses no relief is obtained, it may be followed by Hepar-s. If the itching appear on undressing Nux may be alternated with Arsenic, one in the morning, the other at night.


Rhus, same as Ignatia. Hepar-s., Nux, Arsenic, same as Sulphur.

In Obstinate Cases Sulphur In Alternation With Carb. v., or Lycopodium, Graphites, Silicea may be indicated. In old persons Opium, will be serviceable, a dose every night.

If the eruption shows itself around the anus or private parts, Sulph., Nit.-ac., Sep., Calc, Dulc, or Thuj. may be required. See Materia Medica.