Itching. Herpetic spots; humid suppurating herpes. Fistulous, mercurial and carious ulcers. Boils returning periodically. Chilblains. Glandular swellings. Arthritic nodes.


Rush of blood to the head in the morning on waking. Rheumatic headache; headache from chagrin. Eruptions on the head, swelling of the glands, sometimes suppurating.

Eyes, Ears And Nose

Vertical half-sightedness; excessive sensitiveness of hearing and sight; drawing in the teeth and swelling and ulceration of the gums. Chronic sore throat. Ulcers of the tonsils.

Stomach And Abdomen

Pain in the stomach after a meal or oh taking a slight cold, with sensitiveness to the touch; distended abdomen; glandular swellings in the groins, and grumbling and gurgling in the bowels.


Chronic costiveness and constipation, sometimes with tenesmus.

Larynx And Chest

Cough, particularly at night, sometimes with bloody or purulent expectoration; shortness of breath from the slightest motion. Palpitation of the heart.

Back And Extremities

Swelling of the glands. Rheumatic pains in the muscles, and aching redness and lacerating pains in the joints.