Angina, Cynanche. There are numerous varieties of this disease, such as quinsy, simple, ulcerated, and chronic sore-throat. It may consist of a slight inflammation of the fauces and palate, attended with but little pain, or the swelling may be so great as almost to choke up the passage, accompanied with fever and severe pain, and if not relieved terminate in extensive ulceration.


In the commencement of the disease the wet bandage, or a cloth wrung out in cold water, bound around the throat, covered with a dry flannel, is an invaluable remedy, and in simple cases with the addition of a few doses of Belladonna, will be the only treatment required. It should be applied at night or during the day, if the patient remain in the house.

In persons subject to throat-difficulties, the chest and throat should be freely sponged with cold water morning and evening, taking care, however to rub the parts perfectly dry.

The treatment can generally be commenced with Belladonna, or if considerable inflammation and pain are present, Mercury may be alternated with the Belladonna, from two to four hours apart, gradually increasing the intervals as the symptoms are relieved.

Symptomatic Indications

Aconite. - Violent fever, dry heat, great thirst, restlessness, deep redness of the parts affected, pain and difficulty in swallowing or speaking, burning and pricking sensation. Frequently in alternation with Belladonna or Mercury.


Two drops, or twelve globules, in a tumbler of water, a tablespoonful every two hours.


In almost every variety of sore throat, especially where there are excoriating pains, scraping, dryness, burning or shooting in the throat, particularly when swallowing; pains shooting to the ears; spasmodic constriction of the throat, with great difficulty in swallowing; inability to drink, the fluid escaping through the nostrils, or violent thirst with dread of drinking; bright or yellowish redness of the parts affected, without swelling, or severe swelling and redness of all the parts with suppuration, and rapidly spreading ulcers; accumulation of mucus in the throat; swelling of the muscles and glands of the neck; fever, hot, red and swollen face, and aching in the forehead. Mercury is generally suitable either after or in alternation with this remedy.


Same as Aconite. When alternated with Aconite or Mercury, they may be given either one or two hours apart, according to the severity of the symptoms.


Violent shooting pain in the throat, especially when swallowing, extending to the ears and glands of the neck; excoriating pain, swelling and great inflammatory redness of the parts affected; difficult swallowing, especially drinks, which escape through the nostrils, yet a constant desire to swallow. Ulcers and tendency to suppuration in the throat; elongation of the palate; rheumatic symptoms in the head and nape of the neck; sometimes with shivering. In the commencement of the disease it may be indicated in alternation with Belladonna, if however there are strong symptoms of suppuration or ulcerations, it should be alternated with Hepar-8., or Zachesis, and after the abscess is broken, with He-par-s, or Silicea.


A powder, or six globules, every two hours.


Particularly where Belladonna or Mercury seem indicated and yet prove insufficient, and especially if there are excoriating pains, burning and dryness in the throat in circumscribed places, extending to the ears, larynx and tongue, with shortness of breath and danger of suffocation; swelling and redness of the throat; sensation of a tumor or lump in the throat, inducing a constant disposition to swallow, which however is painful and difficult; symptoms aggravated in the afternoon and morning, and by the slightest touch of the neck. Compare with Belladonna and Mercury.


A powder or six globules, once in two or three hours.


Particularly in children, where the disease is caused by checked perspiration, and where there are swelling of the glands of the throat, burning pain and sensation of enlargement in the throat; difficulty of swallowing solid food: tickling in the larynx, producing coughing and hoarseness, fever in the evening, with flushes of heat, alternating with shivering.


Two drops, or twelve globules, in a tumbler of water; a tablespoonful once in two or three hours.


Particularly after Chamomilla, or in persons lean and bilious, or of a sanguine temperament; pain in the throat as from excoriation, especially when swallowing; sometimes with a sensation as of a plug, or a sense of constriction in the throat; swelling of the throat, dry cough, headache; small ulcers with a putrid smell.


Same as Lachesis.


In females or persons of a mild character, and where there is a redness of the throat, with a sensation as if the parts were swollen; scraping pain and dryness in the throat, without thirst; shooting in the throat, towards the ear, particularly when swallowing, accumulation of tenacious mucus; shivering toward evening.


Same as Chamomilla.


Hoarseness, cold in the head, dry cough and oppressed respiration; constipation; pricking and painful sensibility of the throat, when touched, on turning the head or swallowing; shootings and sensation of dryness in the throat; fever or shivering and coldness. After or in alternation with Aconite.


Same as Chamomilla.


Frequently after or in alternation with Bel-ladonna or Mercury, and where there are lancinating pains in the throat, especially when swallowing or coughing; difficult swallowing; swelling and violent pressure in the throat with danger of suffocation, in alternation with Mercury.


Tingling sensation in the throat, as if produced by pepper. Inflammatory pain with painful pressure or contraction, particularly during swallowing; violent pain in the glands of the neck in paroxysms; ulceration in the mouth and throat, dry hacking cough, hoarseness, etc. Often of decided benefit in epidemic maladies, and where the difficulty is complicated with gastric or rheumatic ailments, also in those cases where Cham., Bry., Ign., Nux-v. and Puls, seem indicated, yet prove insufficient.


Same as Chamomilla.


Red and inflammatory swelling of the throat with severe pain and great difficulty in swallowing; sensation of a plug in the throat, or shooting to the ears; ulceration of the throat. Compare with Cham., Nux-v., Puls., Bell., Merc.


Same as Chamomilla.


Swelling, dryness, excoriating or lancinating pain in the throat; swelling of the glands of the neck; painful sensation of constriction with difficulty in swallowing.


A powder, or six globules, once in four or six hours.


Sensation of roughness and burning in the throat, extending into the chest, sensitiveness of the neck, inability to swallow, excessively violent cough at night, gastric derangement.


Same as Chamomilla.


acid is a valuable remedy, where the throat is filled with superficial ulcers, or where the throat-difficulty is occasioned by abuse of Mercury, or is the result of Syphilis.


Three drops of the first dilution in a tumbler of water, a tablespoonful once in four or six hours.


proto-iod. is an exceedingly valuable remedy in certain varieties of throat-disease. There may be swelling of the glands of the throat, ulcers scattered over the gums and along the margin of the tongue, with red edges, and an ashy grey centre; severe inflammation of the throat, assuming as it advances, a deep scarlet or even purple color, or as it passes into the chronic form, showing itself in patches, covered with a secretion of yellowish mucus, inducing constant coughing. Sometimes where the inflammation is intense, as in malignant scarlatina, the parts present a smooth, shining glazed appearance, the voice sinks into a whisper, or is entirely extinct, an aching sensation is felt in the throat, particularly on pressing the larynx, also under the sternum and clavicles, with weariness and oppression.


A powder, once in three hours.

In malignant or putrid sore-throat, where the disease sets in with great violence and often runs its course with frightful rapidity, in addition to the remedies already enumerated, the following deserve attention; consult also Scarlatina.


Sudden and rapid prostration of strength, frequent chills, pain in the throat, with sensation of swelling, deep bluish red spots or patches re-covered by a membrane, beneath which is seen more or less suppuration.


Two drops in a tumbler of water, a tablespoonful once in three or four hours.


Particularly where the inflammation is of an erysipelatous character, or where it assumes a typhoid form; great prostration of strength, burning heat, cold hands, great restlessness and anguish, ulceration, discharging fetid matter and strong tendency to gangrene.


A powder, once in three hours.

Conium is also a valuable remedy, where the parts have assumed an ash grey color and a blackish aspect, whitish eruption on the skin, swollen tongue, bloody and involuntary stools, together with the presence of symptoms indicating Arsenic.


Two drops in a tumbler of water, a tablespoonful once in two or three hours.

In the treatment of this variety should the ulcers assume a more healthy character, it may be well for a time to cease the remedies previously given, and substitute Sulph., a powder, or three globules, once in four or six hours.

Where the disease is of a chronic or constitutional character, sometimes combined with bronchial and chest-difficulties, the remedies deserving particular attention are, alum, arg. nit., Bar.-c, Calc, Hep., Zach., Sulph., Nitr.-ac., Natr.-m., Nux-v., Sabad., Sen., Staph.

Where the disease is caused by an abuse of Merc, Bell., Cavb.-v., Hep., Loch., Sulph., Nit.-ac.

From a syphilitic cause: Merc., Nit.-ac., Thuj., Sulph. As it regards external application, where the glands are much swollen, and suppuration is apparent, poultices of flaxseed or slippery elm may be applied. The mouth and gums may be washed or swabbed with cold water or tepid milk and water. In certain varieties of throat-disease great benefit has been derived from swabbing the throat with a solution of Nitrate of Silver, but this should not be applied, unless by the hands of a careful physician. In chronic cases the remedy may be given once in six or twelve hours.

Diet And Regimen

Same as in fever.