This is a very common affection among infants. The nose becomes obstructed, so as to render it necessary for them to breathe in a measure through the mouth, hence they are obliged, when nursing, to relinquish the nipple frequently, in order to get breath.

Nux-v. will frequently be all that is required, especially where there is obstruction of the nose with dryness.


Three globules, or a powder may be placed on the tongue, morning, noon and night.

Sambucus may be given, if after two doses of Nux no relief is obtained.


Three globules, or one drop in a glass of water, ateaspoon-ful at a dose may be taken once in four or six hours, until better, unless one of the followiug remedies is indicated.

Chamomilla, where the obstruction is attended with watery discharge from the nose. Calcarea, where Cha-rnomilla has been ineffectual.

Stibium will be required, where together with the running at the nose, there is cough, rattling of mucus in the chest, etc.


Same as Sambucus.

A little tallow applied with the finger to the bridge of the nose will often produce relief.