Cancerous affections. Affections of old people. Tuberculous difficulties. Dropsy. Paralysis.


Chronic eruption. Stinging and itching sensation, as from flea-bites; fetid and bleeding ulcers with tendency to gangrene; swelling of the glands, particularly from contusion; cancerous ulcers.


Catarrhal fever with sore-throat and aching pain in the throat; slow fever with loss of appetite and night-sweat.


Stupefying semilateral headache, sometimes with nausea, and coming on in the morning when waking; lacerating headache, especially in the forehead and back of the head. Dropsy of the brain. Vertigo, dizziness, and wheeling sensation in the head, especially on looking around; apoplexy and paralysis of old people.

Eyes, Ears And Nose

Heat and redness of the eyes; inflamed eyelids with styes; weakness of sight; sensitiveness to the light; fiery sparks or dark points before the eyes; tingling or roaring in the ears. Affections of the nose from abuse of Mercury.

Face And Mouth

Cancerous ulcers of the face and lips; itching and gnawing eruption. Neuralgia of the face; drawing or darting pain in the teeth; gums swollen and bleeding. Sore throat, with aching and pain on swallowing.

Stomach And Abdomen

Eructations and waterbrash; nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Contractive pinching or spasmodic pains in the stomach; swelling and hardness of the abdomen, with soreness. Colic.

Urinary And Genital Organs

Pain in passing water. Diabetes. Weakness of the genital organs. Suppression of or feeble menses, accompanied with spasms or cutting pain; smarting and excoriating leucorrhoea. Profuse lochia. Cancer of the womb and breast.

Larynx And Chest

Catarrhal fever, with soreness of the chest. Nightly cough; dry tickling or short and convulsive cough; hooping cough, with bloody expectoration. Cough during pregnancy, and also in scrofulous persons. Shortness of breath, particularly when taking exercise. Asthma; shooting pain in the chest. Palpitation of the heart