Complaints arising from indignation or grief. Neuralgic affections and violent colic.


Pressing headache, most violent when stooping or lying on the back: headache confined to one side, increased by motion.

Eyes, Face And Teeth

Burning cutting in the eyes with pain in the head; rheumatic ophthalmia; lacerating and tension, or burning and stinging in one side of the face, extending to the ear and head.

Stomach And Abdomen

Nausea and vomiting, sometimes with diarrhoea; pain in the stomach after eating; squeezing or cramp-like pain in the stomach; colic and diarrhoea after the least nourishment; violent griping colic; cutting pain in the bowels as from knives; bruised feeling in the bowels.


Diarrhoea with tenesmus; dysentery with griping cramp-like pain in the bowels.

Back And Extremities

Paralytic pain in the muscles; drawing or cutting pain.