These difficulties may be occasioned by errors in diet, in which case vomiting should be encouraged by the use of warm water, until the disturbing cause is ejected. They more generally, however, form part of a group of symptoms, indicating a derangement of various organs, and will be treated in connection with the diseases of which they form symptoms. When it so far predominates over other symptoms as to require particular attention, the prominent remedies are Stibium, Ipecac., Pulsatilla, Nux, Arsenic, Cuprum, Veratrum.

Vomiting of blood may require; Acon., Fer., Am., Hyosc, Ipecac., Nux.-v., Amm.-c, Carbo-v., Caust, Chin., Mill.. Puls.

Cf food: Are., Fer., Hyos., Nwx.-w., Puls, Sulph., Bry.

Black vomiting: Ars., Calc, Chin., Verat., Ipecac, Nux-v.

From indigestible food or overloading the stomach: Ipecac, Puls., Stib., Bry., Nux.v.. Sulph., Ars., Bell., Fer., Rhus. See also Byspepsy.

For Vomiting of Pregnant females, see diseases of Pregnancy. Of Drunkards - see Delirium Tremens. Consult also the index, and the disease indicated by the group of symptoms.

Simple nausea or vomiting may often be relieved by Ipecac. If occasioned by fatty food, Pulsatilla may be required; if the trouble is produced by fruits, or there is a bitter taste in the mouth, Nux-v. will be required. Nux-v. may also be given in vomiting of blood, where the patient is of plethoric habit, should there be vomiting of blood, with considerable fever, Aconite will be required.

Where the vomiting of blood is serious a lump of ice should be held in the mouth, and the patient kept perfectly quiet, giving at the same time plumb. acet., Mill. or Hamamelis.


Two drops, or six globules, in a tumbler of water, a tablespoonful at a dose; or a powder, or three globules, may be taken dry on the tongue. Give a dose in from one to three hours, or if the symptoms are urgent every ten or fifteen minutes.


Light farinaceous food, such as, toast water, toast, gruel, farina, etc.