Especially adapted to female derangements, or to persons of gentle disposition, who easily laugh or weep, with disposition to catarrh or leucorrhoea, and of lymphatic constitutions, chronic difficulties arising from abuse of sulphur-water, quinine, chamomile, mercury; also in derangements of the stomach, produced by the use of greasy food, such as fat pork, fat pastry, etc. Bad effects from fright or shame. Rheumatic or arthritic affections; nervous difficulties, etc.


Measles and their secondary ailments; itching eruptions and ulcers; chilblains with swelling and heat.


Restless sleep, full of anxious and frightful dreams.


Intermittent fever, thirst only during the hot stage. Acute fevers.


Dizziness as if intoxicated, especially in the evening, after dinner, or when sitting. Heaviness of the head on stooping. Headache on moving the eyes; he-micrania, sometimes with vomiting; aching pain on stooping; lacerating or beating headache; headache as from overloading the stomach or from intoxication.


Pressure in the eyes as from sand with inflammation and corrosive tears; swelling of the lids; stye; dimness of sight.


Inflammation of the ear; starting and stinging pain in the ear; swelling in and below the ear. Noise in the ear as of water or a cracking sound.


Rheumatic toothache; toothache during pregnancy, from a cold, accompanied with pain in the ear; drawing, gnawing toothache, coming on when eating or taking any thing warm into the mouth.


Nausea with disposition to vomit; vomiting; sour or bitter eructations; water-brash; vomiting after a meal; pain in the stomach during an inspiration and on pressure; lacerating and cutting pain; nausea after eating fat food.


Abdominal spasms, particularly in pregnant females; colic aggravated by motion; flatulent colic and painful sensitiveness of the bowels.


Constipation; watery diarrhoea, or consisting of a mucous, green, or slimy substance, generally preceded by rumbling and cutting pain; dysenteric diarrhoea, and diarrhoea after measles; blind and bleeding hemorrhoids.

Genital Organs

Incontinence of urine; drawing or tensive pain from the abdomen through the spermatic cord into the testicles. Uterine spasms, resembling labor-pains; derangement and irregularity of the menses, attended with severe pain, colic, nausea, vomiting and headache. Metrorrhagia; discharge of thick, dark clotty menstrual blood, or else pale and watery; thin, acrid, or thick milky leucorrhoea.


Catarrhal huskiness of the chest; dry night-cough, relieved on sitting up, but aggravated on lying down; cough with bitter, yellow or bloody expectoration, attended with pain in the chesty and sometimes vomiting.


Difficulty of breathing, especially at night in bed, and in cold air; congestion of blood to the chest; constrictive sensation and sticking pain in the chest, especially at night.

Back And Extremities

Swelling and rheumatic pains in the nape of the neck, also in the back and extremities; drawing and jerking pain, or trembling in the limbs; swelling of the knee with pain.