In this disease, an ulcer is formed in the upper part of the nose, and sometimes in the cavity of the cheek-bone, discharging a pus-like substance, or pus mixed with blood; As the ulceration spreads, a sensation of tightness and obstruction is felt about the nose, severe aching pain is also felt about the root of the nose, and over the eyes; as the disease increases, unless arrested, the cartilage and even the bones of the nose may become involved, and frightful deformity ensue. The discharge is sometimes exceedingly fetid, and seems to drop into the throat, causing nausea, and sometimes vomiting. This disease requires the attention of a careful physician. The treatment may, however, commence with Belladonna, at intervals of six hours, followed after three or four doses by Mercury, morning and night, and that in like manner by Sulphur or Aurum. If the pain is exceedingly severe in the evening, and there is reason to expect syphilitic combination, the treatment may commence with Mercury, a dose two or three times a day, or if that remedy has been taken in excess, Aurum, Nit.-ac., or Sulphur, may be given in the same manner.

Scabs in the lower part of the nostrils generally require, lachesis, calcarea, carb. veg., Graphites, Silicea. A dose every night.