Summer Complaint.

Children are very liable to derangement of the stomach and bowels, especially during teething, and the warm weather of summer. Particular attention should be given to the food. Vegetables and uncooked fruit should be prohibited. Daily bathing, fresh air, and if residing in the city, a trip into the country are advisable.

Ipecac, should be given where there is nausea, vomiting, no appetite; fermented stools, mixed with mucus, sometimes tinged with blood; cutting pain in the bowels and sometimes straining.


Especially during hot weather, and where there is thirst, putrid smell of the stools, and nausea after eating.


Where there is great restlessness, greenish diarrhoea, and more or less rumbling or cutting pain in the bowels.

Veratrum will generally arrest diarrhoea of a watery character.


Nausea, offensive stools, gagging and great prostration.


Diarrhoea, the result of cold.


Straining, like dysentery, with colic, and bloody or slimy discharges.


In obstinate cases. Give a powder morning and evening.

For indications of other remedies, see Cholera infantum.


One drop, or six globules, in a tumbler half full of water; in severe cases, a teaspoonful once in two or three hours; when the symptoms are less violent every four or six hours.