This is an exceedingly painful disease, attended with heat, redness and swelling, burning, stinging, lacerating and throbbing pain, aggravated by motion, frequently extending over the whole head, and often affecting the brain, accompanied with the usual symptoms of cerebral inflammation. There is generally considerable fever, often delirium, and not unfrequently in children, vomiting, coldness of the extremities, and convulsions.

This affection is generally the result of cold, but sometimes occasioned by the inflammation of an adjoining organ, or the suppression of some cutaneous eruption.

Pulsatilla is the most important, and in fact almost specific remedy in inflammation of the ear, a dose of which at first may be given every hour, gradually increasing the intervals as the pain subsides.

Belladonna, however will be required should symptoms of inflammation of the brain set in, either with or without convulsions; if violent fever is present, it may be alternated with Aconite, one or two hours apart.

Should there be confused noise or sensation as of water rolling in the head with throbbing pain, or if there is yellowish discharge from the ear, Mercury may be required, at intervals of three or four hours, until better.

Diet And Regimen

Same as in fever.


Two drops, or twelve globules, in a tumbler of water, a tablespoonful at a dose; or a powder on the tongue. See also page 12.