There is often pain more or less severe in the ears, even when but little if any perceptible inflammation is present.

When of a rheumatic character, Belladonna, Mercury, or Pulsatilla are the prominent remedies.

When the result of a chill or suppressed perspiration, Chamomilla, Dulcamara, Pulsatilla, China or Sulphur may be consulted.


- Digging and boring pains, tearing and shooting, sometimes extending into the throat, with roaring and humming in the ears; great sensibility to noise; severe pain in the head and eyes, together with fullness and heat in the head and face.


Jerking and lacerating pains as if something were endeavoring to pass out through the ears; redness, swelling, and heat of the external ear, or shooting and lacerating pains, excessively violent, extending over the whole side of the head; particularly in females of a chilly disposition or easily moved to tears.


Cutting, as from knives; sensation of stoppage about the ear; great sensibility to noise, and extreme sensitiveness to pain.


Shooting pains, extending into the cheeks and teeth; sensation of coldness in the ear, and aggravation of pain in bed; spasmodic pain with inflammatory redness of the ear.


Lacerating or shooting pain extending into the forehead and temples, with lacerating in the bones of the face, worse in the morning or evening.


Spasmodic pains; rolling and thundering in the ears; coldness of the ears and tingling, extending over the face.


Pressive pain as if caused by a plug, with aching and tearing in the bones of the face.


Two drops, or twelve globules, in a tumbler of water, a tablespoonful every one or two hours until relieved. If, notwithstanding the administration of the appropriate remedy, the pain is not entirely removed, a few doses of Sulphur, given at intervals of four or six hours, will generally complete the cure. See also page 12.