Weakness from loss of animal fluids. Intermittent and other miasmatic fevers; slow and chronic fevers. Inaction of the stomach, liver and bowels. Painful weariness in the limbs; debility with disposition to sweat; weakness with trembling; great sensitiveness to the touch.


Yellow color of the skin ; swelling of the limbs.


Unrefreshing sleep, with frightful dreams.


Intermittent fever; shuddering and chilliness, followed by violent fever, hot and dry skin, and this by profuse perspiration. Acute fevers with profuse sweat. Hectic and putrid fevers; exhausting night-sweats and sweat easily excited.


Headache from suppressed coryza. Soreness or bruised sensation of the brain ; aching and heaviness of the head; congestion of the head, with heat and fullness. Sensation, as if the brain were balancing to and fro; headache, aggravated by contact or currents of air.

Eyes, Ears And Nose

Incipient amaurosis, dimness and weakness of sight, with sensation as of black motes floating before the eyes. Bleeding of the nose and mouth.

Face And Mouth

Pale or yellow face. Neuralgia, excited by the slightest touch; throbbing toothache; painful swelling of the tongue.

Stomach And Abdomen

Bitter taste of food; great languor and drowsiness, especially after eating; oppression of the stomach; nausea and vomiting ; swelling and pain in the liver; colic with nausea or thirst; distension of the abdomen, flatulent colic or violent pinching cutting colic; dropsical swellings, and asthmatic sufferings.

Faeces And Genital Organs

Constipation and heat, and dizziness in the head; loose diarrhoeic and sometimes undigested stools, exceedingly variable in their color. Suppression of the menses or profuse menses, with discharge of clots of black blood, sometimes with uterine spasms and colic. Leucorrhoea before the menses; bloody leucorrhoea.

Larynx And Chest

Suffocative or spasmodic cough, excited by laughing or movement. Haemorrhage from the lungs. Oppression in the chest and soreness in the larynx when coughing, difficult breathing; suffocative catarrh, and paralysis of the lungs in old people, stitches in the side; congestion to the chest.