Affections arising from worms. Bronchial catarrhs remaining after measles.


Restlessness with colic and anguish.

Nose And Face

Picking at the nose; stoppage of the nose; paleness of the face, especially around the lips; grinding of the teeth.

Stomach And Abdomen

Variable appetite or excessive hunger; vomiting of worms and bilious vomiting; pinching and cutting pain in the abdomen, writhing in the abdomen.


Diarrhoeic movements like pap; itching in the anus; discharge of worms. Turbid and milky urine; wetting of the bed. Cough with loss of consciousness; hoarse, hollow cough or dry and spasmodic. Hooping cough, preceded by rigidity of the bowels, especially in tuberculous children, and those affected with worms. Oppression of the chest.


Paralytic sensation in the back and extremities, contraction and twitching of the muscles.