Neuralgia; affections of females, particularly in nervous and hysteric individuals; spasmodic affections; derangement of the menstrual functions; affections canted by anger or chagrin. The symptoms are generally relieved by motion.


Derangement after fright or chagrin; cramplike pressing in the temples; roaring in the head.


Creeping and numbness in the face; lock-jaw; throbbing digging in the teeth.


Obstinate constipation, especially when travelling, or produced by lead poisoning.

Genital Organs

Painful pressing towards the genital organs; profuse menstruation, attended with cutting or cramp-like pain, headache, and anguish; metrorrhagia of thick deep-colored blood; leucorrhoea like the white of an egg.

Back And Extremities

Aching pain in the small of the back; weakness and numbness in the extremities.