This may be occasioned by a weakness of the muscles concerned, or a partial or entire paralysis. In the latter case, the bladder is unable to retain for a moment the urine secreted, which constantly dribbles away, drop by drop, very much to the annoyance of the patient. Where there is merely a weakness, or partial paralysis, it gives rise to that difficulty so common among children, wetting the bed.


Where enuresis is occasioned by either partial or entire paralysis of the muscles, the application of electricity along the lower portion of the spine, and over the neck of the bladder, will be found beneficial. The prominent internal remedies are, Hyosciamus, Causticum, and Conium. The sitz-bath will also be of service.


Two drops, or twelve globules, in a tumbler of water, a tablespoonful morning and night

Enuresis in children, in the form of wetting the bed, may arise from some other difficulty, such as worms.

The cause should be ascertained as nearly as possible, before any treatment is adopted.

When there is a peculiarly strong and horse-like smell about the urine, a powder of Benzoic-acid may be taken every night.

Cantharides may be found of benefit, one drop, or six globules, given every evening for three nights, stopping it immediately should there be pain in passing water. If after a week no change is apparent, a powder, or six globules of Silicea, may be given every second night, until six doses have been taken, when if no improvement is perceptible, Sepia and Carb-veg., may be given in the same manner.