In this disease, there is an increased flow of straw-colored urine, of a sweetish taste; or not an unusual secretion of urine, but what there is, strongly charged with saccharine matter. The disease may continue for months, or years, and in many cases, terminate at length in death.

As the disease progresses, derangement of the digestive organs is perceptible, and the memory becomes impaired; there is great emaciation, coldness of the extremities, and dropsical effusion.


Vegetables should be carefully avoided, and a nutritious diet enjoined of animal food. The external application of water, in the form of the sponge-bath, or wet-sheet, is highly advantageous.


Will be found of benefit when there are jerking pains in the region of the kidneys, especially on sitting down; frequent and violent desire to urinate; pale greenish urine; cold feeling in the bowels; burning heat in the stomach; ulcerated gums, and great thirst.


Give a powder, or three globules, morning, noon and night until a change.

Muriatic-aoid - Is an important remedy where there is an absence of thirst and also when the urine has a milky appearance.


Mix three drops in a glass half full of water and give a tablespoonful four times a day.

Mercurius. Constant desire to urinate; swollen, moist and painful prepuce; pain in the testicles; swelling of the gums and fetid breath; acid eructations and burning in the stomach.


Give a powder every two hours.

The patient should place himself under the care of a judicious physician without delay. The prominent internal remedies are Phos.-acid, Carb.-veg., Muriatic-acid., Conium, and Nux-vom.