Arthritic pain in the limbs. Lacerating in the joints and bones; stiffness in the joints; bruised sensation or sticking pain in every part of the body. Epileptic fits. Paralysis, especially on one side.


Itching of the body, sometimes with burning pimples, warts.


Great drowsiness, severe headache; general sweat with uneasy sleep.

Eyes, Ears And Nose

Sensations of sand in the eyes; inflammation of the eyes, with burning and redness, especially in tuberculous individuals; dimness of sight, and sensations as of objects or fiery sparks flitting before the eyes. Running of the ear, roaring and buzzing in the ear, bleeding of the nose, and obstructions of the nose, sometimes with dry coryza.

Face, Mouth And Throat

Pains in the lower jaw and in the face; itching of the face; burning ulcers of the lips; throbbing or lacerating toothache; painful sensitiveness, or looseness of the teeth, with sensation as if they were elongated; swelling and bleeding of the gums; paralysis of the tongue; hoarseness and phlegm in the throat; soreness of the throat and constant disposition to swallow.

Stomach And Abdomen

Spasms of the stomach; griping and pressure in the stomach; dull, aching pain or pressure in the abdomen; bruised sensation and distension of the abdomen from flatulence.


Constipation; bloody stool with burning and soreness; itching of the anus; burning or cutting in the urethra on passing water; haemorrhage from the urethra.

Larynx And Chest

Burning and roughness in the throat, or hoarseness and roughness; loss of voice; catarrh with dryness; cough and rawness of the throat; short hacking cough and tickling in the throat, soreness of the throat, when coughing; spasmodic asthma; palpitation of the heart; constriction of the chest, and difficult breathing; shooting pains in the chest.

Back And Extremities

Bruised sensation, lacerating or stiffness in the hack, nape of the neck and extremities; violent itching and sometimes pimples; paralysis, numb sensation.