This affection is very common among infants, setting in sometimes when only a few days old. It generally commences in the lids, but if neglected, soon extends to the eyeballs.

It may be occasioned by allowing soap or some of the substance which covers the child to get into the eye, at the first washing; also by exposure to a strong light, a draft of air or the glare of a fire.

A little of the mother's milk should be dropped in the eye four or five times a dry. Give also two globules of Aconite, or one drop in a glass half-full of water a teaspoonful at a dose, in alternation with the same amount of Belladonna, three or four hours apart.

If in the course of two or three days no improvement is perceptible, and there is great intolerance of light, redness, swelling and agglutination of the lids, give Chamomilla, prepared like the Aconite once in four hours.

Mercury and Pulsatilla may be given in alternation, prepared like the Aconite three hours apart, if there be redness of the eyes and eyelids, small yellowish ulcers along the margin of the lid, with purulent discharge.

Euphrasia and Rhus may be alternated, three hours apart, if there should still remain accumulation of mat-ter in the eyes, and great intolerance of light

Sulphur and Calcarea may be alternated a powder or 17* three globules, twenty-four hours apart, where the disease occurs in scrofulous children.

Continue to bathe the eyes with the mother's milk, or tepid milk and water.

Where the lids continue swollen, a little bread made soft with cold milk, may be applied.