The utmost cleanliness is of course essential, to guard against this difficulty. Bathe the parts frequently with cold water; wipe dry with a soft cloth, and dust on a little fine wheaten starch, or apply a lotion composed of six drops of Arnica to a tea-cup of water.

If there is considerable redness and inflammation, give two globules, or one drop in a glass half-full of water, a teaspoonful at a dose, of Belladonna, every night.

If the child is very restless, and in fact, in most forms of excoriation, where it is not occasioned by abuse of Chamomile-tea, Chamomilla prepared like the Belladonna, every night, will usually produce relief.

Mercury will be required, where the excoriation is extensive and severe, two globules, or a powder, every night. If after several days the difficulty still continues, one of the following remedies may be given, Sulphur, Sepia, Calcarea, or Carb.-v.