Like Nephritis, inflammation of the bladder commences with chills, hot and dry skin, nausea, and vomiting, scanty and highly colored urine and constipation. As the inflammation progresses, the pain becomes deep-seated, burning and cutting, sometimes extending over the whole abdomen, and into the penis or rectum. The urine is discharged drop by drop, or entirely suppressed, is thick, dark-red, and turbid, mixed with blood or mucus. The pain in the region of the bladder is intense, aggravated by the slightest motion, on attempting to pass water, or alvine evacuations.

There is violent thirst, hot and dry skin, great restlessness, and anguish, and frequently, cerebral and typhoid symptoms. Convulsions and fainting may also be present.


This inflammation may exist in connection with derangement of the kidneys, or be produced by stone in the bladder. It may also be produced by cold, stimulating drinks, gonorrhoea, mechanical injuries, or derangement of the womb.

Treatment.* - The selection of the remedy must be guided by the cause of the disease. When occasioned by abuse of spirituous liquors, Nux-v. is the appropriate remedy. When produced by the use of Cantharides, one drop doses of Camphor, given at intervals of two hours, will speedily produce relief.

Aconite is indicated during the presence of fever, either alone, or in alternation with some other remedy, especially Cannabis, or Cantharides.

* For general directions as to the administration of remedies, see page 12.


Complete retention of urine, or a desire to urinate, principally at night, with burning pain; or emission drop by drop of bloody urine.


Emission of urine, drop by drop, with shooting, burning pains, or violent and ineffectual desire to urinate; extreme sensitiveness of the region of the bladder to the touch. In alternation with Aconite or Cannabis.


When the neck of the bladder is principally affected, and where there is constrictive pain and retention, or painful desire to urinate, with emission of only a few drops.


Particularly in chronic cases, aggravated or brought on by slight cold, or where the urine deposits a slimy sediment.


Is of decided benefit when the trouble has been occasioned by a free use of spirituous liquors; also where it can be traced to suppressed haemorrhoids or dyspepsy.

Hyosciamus may be given, where there are spasms of the bladder, three drops in a tumbler half full of water, a tablespoonful every half hour until relieved. Sulphur, Thuja, Terebinth, and Copaiba may also be consulted. See Nephritis, also Symptomatic Index.

Pulsatilla - Is of benefit in lymphatic temperaments, where it arises from suppressed menstruation, and also when there is scanty emission of bloody and slimy urine, burning and cutting in the lower part of the bowels, with external heat.

The application over the painful part of the wet bandage will also prove decided benefit.


Where the inflammation is intense, and the sufferings severe, the remedy prepared as directed in Nephritis may be given every hour, gradually increasing the intervals as the symptoms abate, to two or three hours.

Diet And Regimen

As in fevers. Avoiding particularly wines, liquors, and all kind of stimulating and heating drinks.