By gonorrhoea is understand an inflammation of the lining membrane of the urethra, with a discharge of purulent mucus. In from two to four days after an impure connection, a tingling or itching sensation is felt at the orifice of the urethra, especially when urinating. Soon the lips of the urethra become red and swollen, the inflammation extending an inch or two up the urethra; the emission of urine is attended with a scalding, burning pain, more or less severe. A discharge takes place at first of a mucous character, but if the inflammation increases, changes to a yellow or greenish color, and if exceedingly violent, may assume a bloody character. Erections, or cordee, of an exceedingly painful character, frequently come on at night.

After a longer or shorter time, as the symptoms are more or less severe, the inflammation subsides, leaving a troublesome discharge. A gonorrhoeal discharge may not necessarily be the result of an impure connection. New wine, unfermented beer, stimulating spices, a cold, frequent exposure of the organs to the wind while urinating, cause a gonorrhoeal discharge which runs the same course, and is similar to genuine gonorrhoea.

Persons with large penis, wide urethra, long and narrow prepuce are much the most easily affected. Excessive sexual indulgence long continued, or connection when the female is troubled with an acrid leucorrhea may produce gonorrheal discharge.

In all cases where danger is apprehended, the penis should be thoroughly washed with cold water, and the urine voided immediately after connection.

In this way the matter is washed from the penis before it can be absorbed, and if any has passed into the urethra, it is washed out by the discharge of urine.


Quiet, a plain and non-stimulating diet, and an absence of ardent spirits of very kind, are of great importance. During the inflammatory period, characterized by burning, scalding pain, on the emission of urine, copious discharge, etc. Cannabis and Cantharides are the proper remedies. One drop of each may be given in alternation, four hours apart, until the inflammatory symptoms have in a measure subsided, when Mercury and Sulphur may be substituted and administered, a powder on the tongue, at the same intervals. Mercury is more particularly indicated, when the discharge is of a greenish character, and Sulphur where it presents a whitish or serous appearance.

Before the inflammatory stage has fairly commenced, and where there is tingling and itching about the urethra, with slight discharge, Copavva is the best remedy with which we are acquainted. Also after the inflammatory symptoms have subsided, the water being voided with but little pain, Copaiva is still a valuable remedy. It may be given, a powder of the one-tenth, four times a day, or what is still better, one of the Copaiva Capsules, obtained at the druggists, may be taken morning, noon, and night. This drug sometimes produces a change of the disease to the testicles which become swollen and painful. In this case the Copaiva should be discontinued, Arnica and water applied to the testicle and Aconite and Pulsatilla taken internally two hours apart. If, notwithstanding the use of the Copaiva for several days, the discharge still continues unabated, give internally Mercurius or Sulphur, and use an injection, composed of one grain Sulphate-Zinc to one tablespoonful of water, or one part of Bals.-Copaiva to three parts of Mucilage Gum Arabic.

In using the injection, the finger should be pressed on the urethra, about one inch and a half from the orifice so that merely the end of the urethra, which is the part affected, may be touched by the injection.

In gonorrhoea in females, the treatment is the same as described above. See also leucorrhoea.

When the disease is allowed to run on for several weeks, it becomes chronic, and is called "Gleet." There is no pain, but a slight discharge. The prominent remedies are, Sulphur, Mercury, Capsicum, Nit.-ac., or Thuja,


A powder, or six globules, may be taken on the tongue; or two drops mixed with a tumbler half full of water, a tablespoonful at a dose. Give every night for a week, when if not better, another remedy may be selected.