This disease may remain lurking in the system for years, be transmitted from parent to child, and lay the foundation for diseases ending in deformity, misery and death. It will only be necessary here to give some of the prominent indications, as after it has passed the primary stage, it frequently becomes complicated with a variety of diseases, and requires all the skill of the practiced physician to detect the cause and apply the appropriate remedy.


All sores on the penis are not by any means syphilitic, but the primary chancre or syphilitic sore usually presents itself on some part of the end of the penis, in from three to eight days after infection, in the form of a red and slightly itching pimple. In a short time matter forms in the centre of the pimple, and a deep ulcer with ragged edges, and yellowish surface is gradually formed. This ulcer may be slight and superficial, or perhaps deep and rapidly spreading, attended with severe pain, and rapidly destroying the adjacent parts. The most simple form, by bad treatment, such as the administration of Mercury in large and repeated doses, may be changed into sores of the most violent character, and the poison scattered over the system, producing the most fearful consequences. In connection with the chancre, swelling in the groin or bubo may set in, sometimes ending in ulceration.

Where the disease is not checked in the primary stage, the poison may become diffused through the system, giving rise to secondary and tertiary symptoms. The throat may become deeply ulcerated, the voice and nose destroyed, and deep and loathsome sores form in different parts of the body. A copper-colored eruption also may be developed on the skin, generally commencing on the face and hands. Another terrible result of neglected syphilis is an affection of the bones and their periosteal covering. The covering of the bones become swollen, and if the disease is allowed to run on, osseous deposits form beneath it, producing the venereal node. These generally exist on the head and the bones of the leg. The pain where the bones and their covering are affected, is often agonizing, generally coming on in the latter part of the afternoon, and continuing until midnight.


It is highly important in this disease that a careful physician be consulted as soon as possible, as neglect or injudicious treatment may be attended with the most unpleasant symptoms. Syphilitic taint may, as we have before remarked, lurk in the system for years, laying the foundation of various diseases, which require the closest scrutiny on the part of the physician to detect the real cause. It may also be transmitted from parent to child, developing in the young frame diseases which fill the body with pain and end in deformity and death. Hence the vast importance of eradicating the disease thoroughly from the system.

The almost specific remedy for primary chancre is Mercury-sol. This should be given a powder of the first or third trituration, morning and night for eight or ten days, when, if improvement is perceptible, the intervals may be gradually increased.

Should however but little improvement take place, and other remedies be required, it may be followed by Nit-ac, two drops in a tumbler of water, a tablespoonful et a dose. The ulcer should be kept clean by lint moistened in cold water, and where nitric-acid is used internally, the lint may be kept moistened with the same preparation. Where ulcers are developed in the throat, Mercury is still the appropriate remedy, given as before mentioned, but if after five or six doses no improvement is perceptible, it should be followed Nit.,-ac, one drop in a tumbler of water, and a tablespoonful given three times a day.

The eruption, pain in the bones, ulceration of the throat and nose, and other secondary symptoms can generally be controlled by mercury, nit. ac., Thuja, aurum, given as above directed,