A dull or acute pain is felt in the loins, on one or both sides of the spine, between the hips and short-ribs, and frequently extending over the whole of the lumbar region. The pain extends along the ureter to the bladder, and is sometimes attended with nausea, vomiting, and colic. The region of the kidney is hot and painful, the pain is aggravated by motion and even deep breathing, and the patient is unable to lie on the affected side. The urine is generally of a fiery-red appearance, and may be either diminished or suppressed, or be mixed with pus or blood, and its emission attended with burning pain. In the male, the testicle is drawn up, and in most cases the thigh of the affected side is numb. The fever is more or less severe, and sometimes assumes the typhoid form. The urine may be entirely suppressed and violent vomiting, delirium, or stupor set in. If the inflammation is not arrested, ulceration may set in, the pus being discharged with the urine.

Treatment.* - The prominent remedies are, Aconite, Canth., Cann., Nux-v., Bell., Hepar-s., Pulsatilla, Mercury, and Cocculus.

* For general directions as to the administration of remedies, see page 12.

Aconite is indicated, where there is considerable fever present, generally in alternation with Cantharides and Cannabis.

The most important remedies are, Cantharides and Cannabis, which are often given with advantage in alternation.

C iniharides is indicated by the presence of sticking, tearing and cutting pains in the region of the kidneys, aggravated by motion, and coming on in paroxysms. Painful emission of urine, sometimes almost impassible, passed drop by drop, attended with violent burning pains, and mixed with blood. There is considerable fever, violent thirst, and constant urging to urinate.


The indications for this remedy are similar to those of Cantharides, with the addition of a drawing, ulcerative pain from the kidneys to the groins.

If the disease should be caused by suppressed haemorrhage or abuse of spirituous liquors, nux. v. is a prominent remedy.

Belladonna will be found of benefit, where there is burning, stinging pain in the region of the kidneys, extending along the ureter to the bladder, and recurring in paroxysms, extending to the abdomen, aggravated by contact, colic, heat in the region of the kidneys, restlessness, constipation, etc.

Hepar-s. is often of advantage after Belladonna, especially in chronic cases.

Mercury will be of service, where there are throbbing, pulsative pains, or the emission of pus. See Gravel.

Pulsatilla - Will be of benefit in females of a lymphatic temperament, where the disease is produced by a derangement of the menses.


Three drops, or twelve globules, in a tumbler of water, a tablespoonful at a dose; or a powder, or six giobules on the tongue Give every hour or two hours, according to the severity of the symptoms. Where the paroxysms of agony are excessively severe, the remedy may be given until three or four doses have been taken, every half hour.

Diet And Regimen

Same as in fevers.