This is generally symptomatic, disappearing when the cause is removed, yet it is sometimes the prominent symptom.

When occasioned by a derangement of the stomach, Ant., Bell, Nux-v., Cham., Merc. Puls., and Rhus maybe consulted.

By nervous affections: Am., Bell., Chin., Hep.-s., Nux-v., Puls., Mosch., Rhus.

When occasioned by congestion of blood: Acon., Bell., Chin., Con., Op., Puls., Nux-w., Sulphur.

Suppressed ulcers and eruptions: Calc., or Sulphur.

The motion of a carriage: Hep.-s. and Sil., or Cocc. and Petrol.


Vertigo on rising from a recumbent posture or stooping, nausea or cloudiness of the eyes, loss of consciousness and whirling in the head.


Disordered stomach with nausea and vomiting.


When occasioned by too full a meal, and attended by nausea, cloudiness of the eyes, and whirling in the head.


Vertigo, with anguish, dizziness, cloudiness, or sparks before the eyes, or with staggering, nausea, trembling and recurrence of the attacks on stooping or rising up.


Whirling vertigo, causing the patient to fall sideways, heaviness and fullness of the head, weakness of memory.


Produced by the motion of a carriage or moving the head, with nausea, fainting, and dizziness. If not sufficient, follow by Cocc, Petrol, or Silicea.


With paleness of the face, fainting and bleeding at the nose, particularly in the morning.


During and after a meal, when walking in the open air, in the morning, or in the evening in bed, or when lying on the back, with whirling or wavering in the head, buzzing in the ears, cloudiness of the eyes or fainting.


Coming on when rising up in bed, or caused 10* by fright, and attended with trembling, dizziness, and humming in the ears.


Vertigo on raising the eyes, or when seated, or stooping, or in the evening in bed, or after a meal, with nausea, heaviness in the head, humming in in the ears, paleness of the face.


Vertigo in the morning, on elevating the eyes; from the motion of a carriage, or mental emotion, with nausea and retching.


Vertigo when sitting; in the act of ascending; after a meal; in the morning; at night with nausea; fainting and bleeding at the nose.


Two drops, or twelve globules, in a tumbler of water; or a powder, or three globules, on the tongue. Give once in from one to four hours, according to circumstances.