Tuberculous affections. Eruptive diseases. Ulcers. Affections of drunkards.


Rough skin; nettle rash, going off in cool air; itching, vesicular eruption, herpes; readily ulcerated skin; warts; ulcers; polypus.

Mental Emotions

Low-spirited; peevishness, sadness or ill-humor.


Dullness or dizziness in the head; stupefying, oppressive headache, violent throbbing headache as if the head would burst, hammering in the head, and seething of the blood; itching eruption on the scalp and face; falling out of the hair; glandular swellings.

Eyes, Ears, And Nose

Swelling and redness of the eyelids, readily ulcerating and stuck together with matter; ulcers and spots on the cornea; amaurosis. Pulsations in the ears; purulent discharge; polypus; snapping, roaring, ringing and hammering in the ear. Sore and ulcerated nostrils; polypus and scrofulous swelling of the nose; stoppage of the nose or discharge of pus. Itching eruption on the face; swelling of the glands.

Mouth And Throat

Throbbing or gnawing pain in the teeth; swelling and bleeding of the gums.

Stomach And Abdomen

Waterbrash; nausea, and sour eructations; spasms in the stomach; swelling of the mesenteric glands.

Larynx and Chest - Dry spasmodic cough, particularly at night; palpitation of the heart, and excoriating pain in the chest.

Trunk And Limbs

Swelling of the glands. Boils, corns, etc.