Inaction of the liver and bowels. Rheumatic and arthritic affections. Gastric and nervous affections.


Drowsiness during the day; inclination to sleep after a meal; sleep with twitchings in the face.


Chilliness and creeping chills; pains in the bones, from cold. Intermittent fever; acute inflammatory fevers with irritation of the nervous system; gastric and bilious fevers, and for the fever preceding the eruption of small-pox, measles, etc.

Mental Emotions

Lowness of spirits; irritable temper; delirious talk at night, with desire to escape.


Headache in the morning on opening the eyes; rush of blood to the head and throbbing pulsations; heaviness of the head; headache when stooping as if the brain would burst from the forehead; pain aggravated by movement.

Nose And Face

Swelling of the nose with ulcerative pain when touched and ulcerations; dryness and obstruction of the nose; bleeding of the nose; pale or yellow face; bloatedness or swelling of the face; swollen or chapped lips.

Mouth And Throat

Darting pain in the teeth; painful soreness and looseness of the teeth and pain when chewing; hoarseness and sore throat with difficult swallowing.

Stomach And Abdomen

Loss of appetite or morbid hunger and frequently bitter, putrid, or sickly taste; eructations; nausea, particularly in the morning on waking; empty retching; vomiting, sometimes bitter or bloody, frequently after eating or drinking. Pressure in the stomach as of a stone, particularly after eating, contractive pain, or darting, shooting or painful soreness in the stomach; spasms of the stomach; inflammation of the liver and stomach; tension, burning and stinging in the region of the liver; colic; colic during pregnancy; dropsy of the abdomen; inaction of the bowels from sendentary habits.

Faeces And Urine

Constipation; chronic constipation; hard stool with protrusion of the rectum; diarrhoea with previous colic, also from cold, alternating with constipation and spasms of the stomach; hot and red urine.

Genital Organs

Suppression of the menses with bleeding at the nose; profuse menstruation of dark red blood; pain in the small of the back and headache; puerperal fever, swelling and hardness of the breasts; milk-fever with rheumatic pains.

Larynx And Chest

Violent coryza without cough; violent cough with retching and sensation, as if the head and chest would fly in pieces; painful cough, the expectoration sometimes streaked with blood; acute and chronic bronchitis; difficult breathing; asthma; pleurisy; pneumonia; painful respiration and great pain in coughing; stitches in the chest, shooting pains in the chest; rheumatic affection of the muscles of the chest.

Back And Extremities

Painful stiffness in the nape of the neck, on moving the head; soreness and stiffness of the muscles of the trunk; bruised sensation in the small of the back; lumbago; lacerating pain in the back. Lacerating pains in the arms and legs; shining, red, rheumatic swelling of the joints with lacerating and tension on moving the parts. Coxagra; limping, cutting pain in the hips, lameness and drawing pains in the legs.