This rash is seldom dangerous, although excessively tormenting. The eruption resembles very much that produced by the sting of the nettle, hence its name. It consists of an irregular pale red, or whitish eminence, surrounded by a rosy hue. Its appearance is preceded by restlessness, and accompanied with heat, burning and tingling in the spots, itching and irritation. The blotches are constantly changing their position, disappearing in a few hours in one part of the body, and reappearing in another. They are generally brought. out by cold, and disappear in warmth.

It is occasioned by cold, changes of the temperature, excessive eating and drinking, and in many persons produced by the use of shell-fish, oatmeal, almonds, strawberries, and other kinds of food.


External applications should be avoided. If the rash is produced by a cold, is preceded by a stinging sensation, Dulcamara is the proper remedy, a dose every six or twelve hours. If the rash is accompanied by a little fever, is of burning stinging character. Rhus should be given. Bryonia is indicated, when the rash is occasioned by damp weather, and is accompanied with shivering.

. Dose. - Dissolve one drop or twelve globules in a glass half full of water, and give a teaspoonful every three hours.

Pulsatilla and Nux-vom. are the prominent remedies, when the disease is occasioned by indigestion, Pulsatilla being particularly indicated, when it arises from the use of fatty food, and Nux from the use of shell-fish and fruits.


Of the first, a drop or three globules may be dissolved in a tumbler half full of water, and a teaspoonful taken every three or six hours. Of the last, if in tincture or globules, give as above; if in powder, give dry on the tongue, at the same intervals.

Ipecac, is also useful, when the rash is accompanied with nausea. Should it assume a chronic character Calcarea, Sulphur, Mercurius, or Nitr.-acid may be given.


A powder or three globules of the Ipecac. may be given every two or three hours. Of the latter remedies a powder or three globules may be taken morning and night.

Should unpleasant symptoms arise from the rash striking in, a dose of Ipecac. may be given, followed in two hours by Bryonia, a dose every two hours until it has been taken three or four times.

Diet And Regimen

The diet should be plain and simple, abstaining from every thing of a heating or stimulating character. The above remedies will also generally be successful in the treatment of other simple forms of rash unconnected with any other disease, with the addition, perhaps of Aconite, where there is much increase of the circulation, and Chamomilla, when occurring in children.

For more particular directions as it regards the administration of remedies, see page 12.