Scarlet Rash is frequently developed in connection with Variola, Measles, and Scarlet Fever. It is not un-frequently mistaken for the latter disease, to which it has a considerable resemblance, and from which it is important, that it should be distinguished as the treatment is entirely different. Happily this can very readily be done; the small granular elevations easily felt on passing the hand over the skin, the dark redness of the efflorescence, and no white imprint being left after pressure with the finger are sufficient marks of distinction.

Precursory symptoms are chilliness alternating with heat, heaviness and fullness in the head, vertigo and aching pain in the forehead. These symptoms generally last but a short time. The eruption shows itself in no particular place, but is more frequently seen on the covered parts, and about the bend of the joints. Sore throat may be felt previous to the eruption, but entirely subsides while the eruption is out. Should, however, the eruption recede, the throat becomes highly inflamed, and the disease may immediately assume a dangerous type. There is great danger of this disease striking in, thus producing derangement of the brain, or some other 3* vital organ, causing death. The disease is contagious, and those who have had it once, are still liable to have it many times again.


When this disease exists alone, Aconite is almost a specific remedy.


One drop or six globules dissolved in a tumbler of water. A tablespoonful given once in two or three hours according to the severity of the symptoms, until five or six doses have been taken, will often be sufficient. Should, however, there be a whining mood, great restlessness, pain in the head, back, and extremities, Coffea will be indicated and may be given, generally in alternation with Aconite, and prepared in the same manner, two hours apart.

Should the eruption be slow in making its appearance or suddenly disappear, Ipecac. and Bryonia may be given in alternation, in the former case, every two hours, and in the latter, every half hour, until relief is obtained.


Same as Aconite.

Belladonna will be required, should symptoms of head disturbance occur, with starting on closing the eyes, fullness of the head, and blood-shot eyes.


One drop, or eight globules in a tumbler of water, a table-spoonful every hour.

Should there be stupor, Opium would be required, administered in the same way as Belladonna. When the disease is of a malignant character, or complicated with Scarlet Fever, the treatment should be similar to that indicated in Scarlet Fever.

Diet And Regimen

The diet should be of a light farinaceous character, and great care observed to prevent taking cold.