Generally useful only in recent cases; insensibility of the nervous system and want of reaction against medicines; derangements of drunkards; ailments of old people; bad effects from fright, fear, or sudden joy; convulsions and spasmodic motions; apoplexy; congestion to the head; great torpor of the intestinal canal, and inaction of the whole system; delirium tremens.


Snoring sleep; lethargy; great drowsiness, sometimes with inability to sleep.


Pulse generally slow, although sometimes quick and violent, with headache and flushed face; heavy sleep with snoring.

Mental Symptoms

Great anguish; stupefaction and sometimes complete loss of consciousness; visions; frightful fancies; furious delirium; delirium tremens.


Painful headache, increased by moving the eyes; heaviness and congestion of blood to the head.


Constipation from torpor of the intestinal canal, especially after chronic diarrho3a, abuse of cathartics, and also from want of exercise. Involuntary stools.


Snoring breathing; oppressed and difficult respiration.