Headache occasioned by constipation will generally be relieved by Nux-v., Bry., Op., Sulph., or Aloes, (see Nux-v., Bry., and Opium, under headache from congestion to the head.)

Besides these I have found great benefit from Sepia, where there is constipation occasioned by derangement of the liver, and where there are shooting and boring pains in the head, with nausea and vomiting; headache, worse in the morning; intolerance of light, with inability to open the eyes; congestion of blood, with heaviness and confusion of the head. Particularly in females and where there is a derangement of the menstrual functions.


A powder, or six globules, once in six hours.


Throbbing pain, with heat and congestion in the head, worse in the morning or afternoon, aggravated by intellectual labor, speaking or stooping; sensation as if the head would split; pain on one side, shooting, tearing, and extending over the face; tubercles on the head, tenderness of the scalp, and falling off of the hair.

Dose - Same as Sepia.


Pressure and heaviness in the head, shooting pains, particularly in one side; severe pain over the eyes; throbbing, bubbling pain with heat in the head, worse in the morning, at night, or in bed, also increased by thinking or in the open air.


Same as Sepia.

Where occasioned by gastric derangement, Bry., Puls., Nux-v., and Ipecac. are the prominent remedies. Pulsatilla will be found beneficial where the headache has been occasioned by eating too freely, particularly of greasy food, and where there is considerable nausea. Ipecic. is also frequently beneficial where there is considerable nausea, and violent headache. (See gastric derangement.)