Consult a physician if possible, if not, avoid the cause if you can discover it, and examine some of the following remedies.

Where it is occasioned by severe acute disease: Separ-S., Calcarea, and Silicea may be consulted.

In Lying-in- Women: Calcarea, Sulphur.

From Debilitating losses: China, Ferrum, or Mercury.

From Grief: Phos.-ac, or Ignatia.

From frequent attacks of headache: Hepar-s., Nit.-ac., Phosphorus, Sepia.

From abuse of Mercury: Hepar-s., or Carb.-v.

When there is a strong tendency of the hair to turn grey: Phos.-ac, Sulph.-ac. or Graphitis.

When there is much scurf on the head: Calcarea, Graphitis.

The head should be bathed frequently with cold water, but oily applications should as a general thing be avoided. The great object is, to keep the scalp clean and gently stimulate the hair bulbs, which may be done in the manner described above, but which oily applications seldom accomplish. It is sometimes advisable to put five or six drops of Ccmtharidis into a tumbler half full of water, and wash the head once or twice a day. A dose of the medicine may be taken every night, or night and morning.