Great weakness. Emaciation and languor. Haemorrhage. Congestion of blood and chronic diarrhoea.


Want of animal heat, shuddering and exhausting sweats. Intermittent Fever.


Dizziness, with reeling sensation and heaviness. Rush of blood to the head; hammering and throbbing headache.


Livid or jaundiced complexion, puffiness of the face.


Chronic diarrhoea, frequent stools with burning, itching or gnawing in the rectum, and sometimes with discharge of ascarides.

Genital Organs

Nocturnal emissions. Delay of the menses. Miscarriage. Whitish leucorrhoea, smarting and corroding.

Larynx And Chest

Spasmodic cough. Cough sometimes with bloody expectoration, also of bloody phlegm. Asthma.