Various forms of eruptions. Tuberculous affections.


Dryness of the skin. Itching pimples; spots like flea-bites; unhealthy skin, every little itching producing suppuration; thickness of the nails; boils. Herpetic and other eruptions.


Itching of the scalp. Humid and scabby eruptions on the head; burning on the top of the head, headache especially in the morning on waking.


Redness of the eyes. Painful inflammation of the lids; profuse secretion of tears; intolerance of light.


Eruptions around and in the ears; ulcerative pain in the ears; bloody discharge, or discharge of pus in the ear. Roaring in the ear.


Soreness and swelling of the nose; scabs and dry soreness in the nose; sore, cracked and ulcerated nostrils. Bleeding at the nose.

Face And Teeth

Erysipelas. Incipient paralysis. Ulcerated corners of the mouth, and eruptions of the face; swelling of the glands and of the gums, stinging toothache, especially at night, with heat in the face.


Weakness of digestion. Nausea and vomiting.


Constipation. Haemorrhoidal tumors.

Genital Organs

Itching and smarting eruptions on the labia. Soreness between limbs; itching in the genital organs. Derangement of the menses, generally delayed and insufficient.

Back And Extremities

Pain and stiffness in the nape of the neck and back. Eruptions. Arthritic nodosities on the fingers. Soreness between the thighs. Ulcers and Herpes on different parts of the extremities.