In most females, nausea, vomiting, and heart-burn are present, some portion of the time during their pregnancy. They generally come on about the fourth or fifth week after conception, and continue for ten or twelve weeks, when they make their exit to return again during the last month. In some few cases they do not appear at all, and in others continue through the whole period. They generally come on in the morning shortly after getting out of bed, last two or three hours, and perhaps re-appear in the evening for the same length of time.


In the acid stomach, and nausea during pregnancy, I have found great benefit from the use of weak lemon-acid or sweet cider taken a little at a time.

Ipecac. will produce relief, where there is bilious vomiting, or vomiting of drink and undigested food, or nausea and vomiting, with uneasiness in the stomach.


Nausea or vomiting in the morning; acid and bitter eructations, hiccough, heartburn; sensation of weight in the pit of the stomach; depraved appetite or craving for chalk, earth, etc. Constipation and irritable temper.


Nausea after a meal; vomiting of food, heartburn, eructations bitter or acid; depraved appetite, a longing for acids, beer, wine, etc.


Excessive vomiting after eating or drinking, with attacks of fainting; prostration and emaciation.


In obstinate cases where there is loss of appetite, waterbrash, acid stomach, etc. Particularly after Nux.


A powder, or six globules of the selected remedy may be given morning and night. If the liquid is administered, two drops may be mixed with a tumbler of water, and a tablespoonful given at the same intervals. When the symptoms are exceedingly violent and long-continued, the remedy may be given once in three hours until relieved.