A peculiar eruption consisting of hard, inflamed tubercles, is frequently seen, in persons of a sanguine temperament, on the forehead, temples, face, and chin, and sometimes on the neck, shoulders, and upper parts of the chest. They frequently suppurate, but sometimes scale off without perceptible suppuration, leaving a purple spot

* For general directions as to the administration of remedies, seepage 12.

To effect a cure, particular attention should be paid to diet. Among the remedies, Staphysagria will be found useful for stinging itching pimples, with pain when touched, and Sulphur when the round blotches are covered with white yellowish scurfs.


A powder, or three globules, every other night. Another variety of this disease consists of a number of black points, which when pressed, discharge worm-shaped, indurated mucus.

This variety also requires particular care, as it regards diet. A powder, or three globules, of Sulphur, Sepia or Nit-add. may be taken every other day.