In this disease there is an eruption on a slightly inflamed basis, in the form of small rings or circular bands, the vesicles occupying the circumference. Within, the skin at first looks healthy, but gradually becomes rough and scales off, as the eruption dies away. It generally occurs in summer and in warm climates. It frequently disappears in the course of a week, or it may last all summer.


A few doses of Sulphur; given morning and night, may be sufficient. If after a week no improvement is perceptible, Septa may be given, followed if necessary, by Causticum in the same manner.


One drop or twelve globules in a glass of water, a table-spoonful at a dose.

In this form of Herpes, Dr. Metcalf has given Tellu-Hum with the most happy results. A powder may be taken morning and night.

The ashes of a cigar applied to the sore, or bathing it with a decoction of tobacco will be of benefit.