If we look through the microscope we discover animals, living and perfect in all their parts, so minute that it would require the heaping together of millions on millions to be visible to the naked eye.

In all vegetable substances the real strength remains latent in the crude state, and requires certain preparation to develop it. The more completely the essential principle is separated from the crudity, by which it is surrounded the more powerful it becomes. It has been clearly shown by science, that by friction, mixture, etc, principles of immense power may be liberated from substances, which in their crude state are entirely inert.

Inasmuch as the active properties of a medicinal substance are developed from its surface, to develop its full powers, we must make it cover over as large a surface as possible. A grain of matter thoroughly triturated with one hundred grains of sugar of milk, may be made to pervade every part of it, and the matter may be still farther diffused by taking one grain of" this substance and combining it in the same manner with another quantity of the medium. The drug thus separated, retains in each atom of its minute subdivision the power of exerting a specific influence on the system.

We have thus endeavored to make clear two points, viz. the great homoeopathic law, and the system of infinitesimal doses, and trust we have succeeded in showing that the former is the only true law of cure, and the latter not quite so ridiculous, as some, who are not accustomed to think, seem inclined to suppose.

We have said, that the law of "Similia similibus cu-rantur," is the only law of cure, and when cures are performed, they are in obedience with this law, no matter who the physician or what the drug given. Let us bring the allopathic school themselves to the bar, and apply the test to some of their cures.

Nitric-acid is a favorite remedy for salivation and ulceration of the mouth, produced by mercury, and yet this drug is capable of exciting salivation and ulceration of the mouth. Preparations of copper are also given in cases of chorea and epilepsy, and yet the administration of copper produces symptoms precisely similar.

Rhubarb and calomel are favorite allopathic remedies for diarrhoea and dysentery, and yet given in large quantities during health, produce inflammation of the tissues of the bowels, griping pain and frequent discharges. Cubebs and cantharides given in health, produce inflammation of the mucous membrane of the urinary organs, and yet they are unhesitatingly prescribed when this state exists in disease. Ipecac. given in doses of twenty or thirty grains produces vomiting, but the allopath has found by experience, that given in the tenth or twentieth part of a grain it will relieve vomiting.

Mercury in all those cases where it is found indispensable by the allopath, is capable, if taken in large doses in health, of producing precisely a similar state. To an ordinary inflammation of the eye, they frequently apply a mild solution of nitrate of silver, and yet this drug ap-plied to the healthy eye, produces that inflamed state. Castor-oil is given to cure diarrhoea, and yet its primary effect is a diarrhoea. The mother has learned by experience, that when her child is injured by a burn, to produce relief, she muse hold it to the fire, or apply alcohol, or oil of turpentine. And so we might go on enumerating, and we should find in every case, where a cure is performed by means of drugs, it is in obedience to the homoeopathic law.

From what has been already said, we find, that in disease, where the disturbing causes are slight, nature is sufficient of itself to produce a healthy reaction, but when the aid of medicines is required, those medicines must be given in obedience to the law of "Similia si-milibus curantur."

The vital force reacts with far more power against impressions caused by specific medicinal influences, than against those produced by morbific agents, hence those produced by the latter, often assume a serious character and run on for a long time, while those produced by the former, result in rapid spontaneous recovery.

The medicine acts directly on the part affected, so that as a general thing an exceedingly minute dose is all-sufficient to produce a cure.

In conclusion we have only to say, that homoeopathy, founded as it is on truth, on an immutable, unchangeable law, is destined to triumph throughout the world. In Europe, Asia, Africa, America and the islands of the ocean, its influence is felt and acknowledged. In every land and in every clime it is working its rapid way, the current daily increasing in strength and size, bearing down before it all opposition, and those who are now rash or foolish enough, to oppose its progress must soon either fall in with its current, or be swept away before its rushing tide.