This disease is almost always connected in our mind either with an abuse, or a free administration of Merc. yet it frequently owes its origin to other causes, as colds and the various forms of fever, particularly the cutaneous variety. The mucous membrane of the mouth, and the salivary glands connected with it, which in health secrete only the necessary amount of saliva, when irritated, swollen and inflamed by disease, may discharge it in large quantities. To effect a permanent cure then, the glands and mucous membrane of the mouth must be brought back to a healthy state.

Mercury produces the most frightful ulceration of the mouth and surrounding parts, as well as profuse salivation. The appropriate remedies in these cases are, Wit.-ac, Sulphur, Hepar-s., Iodine and Belladonna.

When occasioned by cold, fevers, etc, Mercury is the prominent remedy, a powder, or three globules, once in four or six hours.


Two drops, or twelve globules, in a tumbler of water, a tablespoonful at a dose; or a powder, or three globules on the tongue. Give once in four or six hours.

See also Scurvy, and Materia Medica.